About Ping Pong PR



Welcome to Ping Pong PR.

I’ll start off by explaining the purpose of this blog. Ping Pong PR was founded as a way for me to write my PR-related natterings in the hope that they might be of interest. So why Ping Pong PR? Well first of all I’m fond of tacky alliteration but secondly I think it nicely reflects the PR world. The manner in how a PR might end up constantly batting off accusations in a crisis or fervently contacting journalists for coverage. The phrase was, to my knowledge, initially coined by journalist Richard Osley of the Guardian in attacking the habit of politicians to have photo opportunities playing Ping Pong. Since then however, Boris Johnson bucked that trend by tackling a young Japanese schoolboy. The blog is updated periodically and I hope you get a good read.

Enough of that though, I am Jeremy Hutton. A 2nd year student at Leeds Business school I am studying Public Relations & Journalism. The course is generally regarded as one of the most well-established courses for PR in Europe and is lucky enough to hold certification from the CIPR. Of course following the conclusion of my third year I hope to embark on a career within Public Affairs which will allow me to put my astute awareness of current affairs and politics to good use. More recently however, I concluded a two month (1 day a week) internship at Brass agency working within their PR team. Whilst with Brass my primary duties included social media scheduling, reputation management and research in support of future campaigns to name just a handful. My time spent at Brass was incredibly useful in helping me decide what I want to do within the PR industry and was invaluable in aiding development of my personal skills.

Beyond my talent with the written word and excellent awareness of current affairs I can offer a creative side that consistently is responsible for unorthodox ideas which can put a nice twist and was responsible for much of a campaign I worked on with Acceleris last year. Whilst interning for Acceleris for 6-7 weeks (2 days a week) my key responsibility from week one was for a small campaign ran on behalf of the Shipwrecked Mariners society. From the beginning my duty was simply to write up short articles about a ship that had been helped by the society on that day in the 2nd World War. A few weeks into the project everyone around the office (around 15 people) was asked to think of a twitter #hashtag in order to support the campaign. Unanimously it was agreed that my suggestion #shipwreckollections was by far the best and so continued to be used months after I finished my time at Acceleris. It was most recently used just days ago, I consider this testament to the success of the phrase.

Between my two years at University and two internships I have accumulated a wealth of experience in Public Relations and I look forward to bringing my expertise to the fray in a full time position of responsibility. Unlike many of my peers I am not however undertaking an industry year, this is due to the Public Affairs & Politics module that would be unavailable to me if I did pursue such a work placement. I feel missing out such a module would be extremely detrimental to my future within Public Affairs.


I hope you enjoy my ramblings on the blog, if you want to follow me or ask me any questions then please feel free to do so via the social media links at the bottom of each page.


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